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Bank of Dongguan

About bank

Bank of Dongguan Corporation Limited. (BOD) is a shareholding commercial bank, established on September 23rd, 1999. It was approved by The People’s Bank of China and registered at the Dongguan Administration For Industry and Commerce with the registration capital of 1,636,800,000 RMB. It also contains 1 Banking Department ,6 Branches,33 Direct Branches,4 Subbranches,75 Sub Branch offices,2 Subsidiaries.

Under the correct leadership and supervision of Dongguan Municipal Committee, Dongguan Municipal Government and Regulatory Agencies, Bank of Dongguan concentrated on maximizing the shareholders’ value and keep being benefit-standardized, market-oriented and customer first since its establishment. We are based on improving people resource, the implication and capability of technology and the reliable capability of risk control. Moreover, we are focusing on the structure modification and optimization and continuously improving our level of operation and management. Thanks to these great efforts, Bank of Dongguan makes marvelous progress in many areas of its operation and achieved great result in the top rank in the banking industry of China. At the end of 2010, we have achieved the great result of being the top in comparison with other City Commercial Banks, with the total capital of 107.661 billion RMB, 70.156 billion RMB in deposits, 39.782 billion RMB in loans, and total profit of 1.294 billion RMB.  

Bank of Dongguan is by far the sole local bank that has the qualification of independent legal entity. We enjoys the characteristics of short management radius, flexible strategies, advanced technological development and equipments these including hardware and software, high flexibility of independent development and design. While continuing on inventing financial products, we try to satisfy every customer and meet the market needs. Bank of Dongguan provided a comprehensive range of personal financial services: all kinds of deposits, collective credit granting service for official employees working in excellent units, loan portfolio of “Easy Living” housing fund, “Compound Interest” financial investment management, Yulan Financial Investment, selling funds and other activities. Additionally, we have successfully issued the Hengtong Credit Card. Due to the highly developed export-oriented economy in Dongguan City, BOD has proactively sets up some international businesses, such as credit card, foreign exchange loan, collection, and trade finance. Bank of Dongguan always keeps a good momentum on development. We mainly run some intermediary businesses and distinctive businesses, including corporate deposits and loans of all kinds, acceptance draft and letter of guarantee. The capital business of BOD gains a high reputation in banking industry, which brings huge benefits to our bank. We also provided business like inter-bank deposits, bond investment, bill rediscount, transfer of capital on financial credit.

Our outstanding achievement and good reputation are widely recognized by the business entities in banking industry, clients and authoritative Medias. In 2006during the selection which was held by China Enterprise Confedation,Bank of Dongguan was ranked 349th of the first 500 enterprises in the Chinese Services Industry,and ranked 13th in the Banking Industry. On July 28th, 2006, Bank of Dongguan was awarded “Top Ten Most Competitive City Commercial Banks”. In 2007,Bank of Dongguan was ranked 26th among the “Chinese Top 100 Banks” by The Banker magazine, ranked 10th among the City Commercial Banks,also for the first time that we have been listed among Top 1000 Global Banking Industry,ranked 901th. In terms of tier one capital,Bank of Dongguan was ranked 710th among the world's top 1,000 banks by The Banker magazine in 2010,in comparation with last year,has been improved by 133 places,in term of return on asset,the bank was ranked 235th.. During the seclectioin of 2008 Gold Medal List of Chinese Banking Institution which conducted by Financial Times and China Social Financial Research Institute, Bank of Dongguan was awarded “The Best Grow of Small and Medium Size Bank in 2008”. In 2009,within the Chinese Commercial Banks Competitive Evaluation Report, Bank of Dongguan was awarded Number One in the Competition of City Commercial Banks of the economic area of Pan Pearl River Delta in 2008, awarded the “Best Brand Promotion of City Comercial Banks” by the Chinese Banker Magazine,,awarded 2010 Chinese Best City Commercial Banksby Money Week in 2010, awardedThe Best Corporate Social Responsibilityby The Banked in 2011.