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Банк Инкоу

Bank of Yingkou

About bank

Bank of Yingkou (BYK) was established in April 1997. After 15 years of innovation and development, it has become a outstanding regional city commercial bank with distinct operating characteristics, remarkable profit, high asset quality and strong comprehensive strength.

With the support by China Banking Regulatory Commission(CBRC) via a series of encouraging banking policy to city commercial banks, BYK has successed in changing name、international strategic alliance and cross-regional development since 2008. At present, BYK is expanding business to 3 economic center cities, Shenyang, Dalian and Harbin, with 60 branches and more than 1800 employees and now is holding Dashiqiao Longfeng Bank. BYK has RMB 53 billion for total capital. In recent 10 years, BYK has continuously maintanined an average annual growth of 30% in main operating indicators, taken the largest market share regionally. With all the regulatory indicators ranking in the forefront of city commercial banks, BYK has been cited as one of the best city commercial banks by CBRC for 4 years.

With the rapid development of businesses and continuous improvement of the quality, BYK has received wide recognition from the community. In 2007, BYK was nominated by the British "Banker" magazine as one of 100 best Banks in China. In March 2009, BYK was selected as “the most growth small and medium-sized bank” by the 5th financial experts Summit. According to the ranking of competitiveness of China commercial banks in August 2010 issued by Chinese “Banker” magazine, BYK ranked seventeenth out of 144 city commercial banks and the first within city commercial banks in Northeast China. In May 2011, BYK was awarded as "2010 most unique small and medium-sized banks" by the 7th financial experts Summit.

The main business indicators steady and rapid growth, management quality ranks the excellent level of the Chinese banking sector, the comprehensive competitiveness significantly enhanced, appears as large enterprise.

Adhering to the corporate mission of "create value for customers, create profits for shareholders, create future for employees, create wealth for society", advocate the service philosophy of " Considerateness For You ", insisting on the SMEs market positioning, With the development strategy of characteristics, differentiation and refinement, BYK has accieved continuous improvement of profit and quality.

In the past five years, the average annual growth rates of BYK’s key financial indicators of the scale of bank asset, total deposits, loan amount, total profit and other ’s are respectively 40.05%, 41.74%, 31.79% and 56.62%, showing a strong growth trend. Major risk regulatory indicators of capital adequacy ratio, return on capital, return on assets, non-performing loan ratio, provision coverage indicators maintain the advanced level in China's banking sector.